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06 Mar

Mesothelioma Risk For Military Veterans

Posted in News and Society on 06.03.15

The correlation between asbestos exposure and the brutal cancer known as Mesothelioma is usually restricted to the civilian world. In truth, the Mesothelioma risk for military veterans is often high given the widespread use of asbestos by the four branches of the military. Asbestos if a fibrous form of a few minerals that has one tremendous attribute. It is extremely fire resistant, which makes it a great material to use whenever heat or fire is a concern. This also makes it particularly useful ...

05 Mar

Can Men And Women Be Friends?

Posted in News and Society on 05.03.15

Or When Harry Met Sally Did He Really Just Want to Jump Her Bones? Men and women can't really be just friends, can they? Of course not. There’s always that pesky sexual tension to contend with. And what about the spouse, spousal equivalent, or boyfriend/girlfriend who’s sure to be jealous? Plus, there’s the biological/sociological nesting imperative that women contend with and the hunting imperative that seems to drive men. A number of years ago, a landmark study published by Dr. ...

04 Mar


Posted in News and Society on 04.03.15

DEMOCRATIC GLOBALISM (Note: This article was written as a response to Charles Krauthammer's presentation on "Democratic Globalism" in 2004 . . . its immediate reflections are all the more significant, given the on-going geopolitic realities we face nearly a 1.6 years later.) DEMOCRATIC GLOBALISM by Doug Krieger The United States of America is no longer hiding her claws—no rival or United Nations or allied opinion can resist this colossus that struts her stuff across the planet. The ...

03 Mar

Serious Games Sessions Europe is launched: International experts and key players join forces!

Posted in News and Society on 03.03.15

France, July 30th For the third year running, Lyon Game and the Rhone-Alpes Digital Agency are proud to announce the return of the Serious Games Sessions Europe. Eminent experts from international countries have teamed up to build the forthcoming Serious Games Sessions programme. The international advisory council is shedding light on the giddying increase of needs for serious games all over the world. Serious Games Sessions 2007 is now launched! The international event (3 dec ...

02 Mar

Non-Denominational Or Mixed Religion Weddings, How To Make It Occur

Posted in News and Society on 02.03.15

Couples of mixed religions or who come from families that do not have a strong religious background may choose to have either a non-denominational wedding or a wedding that blends two separate religions. This can be tricky however because many religions may not honor or recognize a wedding unless it is performed according to their own unique guidelines. For this reason it is very important to check with potential officiants and church leaders to ensure that your wedding plans will result in a ...

01 Mar

Do Rising Crime Rates Affect Metropolitan Population?

Posted in News and Society on 01.03.15

Are crime rates in your area on the rise? Are crimes rates around the country on the rise? The easiest way to answer this is to say it depends on where you live. Many communities across the country have either maintained low crime rates, or even reduced them in recent years. Some of these metropolitan areas include Dayton, OH, Salt Lake City, UT, Denver, CO and Buffalo, NY. In these metropolitan areas, personal and property crime rates are well below national crime rates, and historically have ...

28 Feb

Causes of Hair Loss: Top 3 Chemicals and Environmental Factors

Posted in News and Society on 28.02.15

There are many common activities and environmental factors that pre-empt the onset of hair loss. Many of these environment components, unfortunately, are very hard to avoid since they occur in our foods, our air and even in our foods. 1. Selenium As we have mentioned earlier, there are some chemicals that exist in the very things that we eat and drink that cause hair loss. One of these chemicals is selenium, a common chemical found in tap water or in some degrees, mineralized, purified ...

27 Feb

Cambodia: A Glimpse Into One Uncivilized Action

Posted in News and Society on 27.02.15

•To be Cambodian is to be the warrior, the creator and the builder of Angkor Wat. More accurately, to be a Cambodian is to be a descendant of a people that produced architectural masterpieces of the Angkor era which rival the achievements of any of the ancient civilizations”. Dr. Seanglim Bit. Cambodia has been deemed as an •arsenal of political unrest” by domestic, regional and international perspectives. Nearly 100 years of French protectorate, American bombardments, Pol ...

26 Feb

Critical Thinking To Go

Posted in News and Society on 26.02.15

Today we commonly hear in the news journalistic items about religion and politics, or faith and something else, where the suggested "duo du jour" usually sit in opposition to one another. One could do this, of course, just as easily with other areas of human thought, as with sociology vs. history, or economics vs. psychology. But most people do not seem nearly as interested in this exercise as they seem anxious to set "religion" over against whatever other area they might find interesting. But ...

25 Feb

The Burning Bush

Posted in News and Society on 25.02.15

terrorism. The U.S rightly attacked Afghanistan when they refused to give up Bin Laden. For this, I have to trust that the Americans knew what they were doing, since they were involved with setting up Bin Laden and Afghanistan in the first place. That does not, however, give them the right to bite the hand that feeds them. It is what happens hereafter that should give us all pause for concern. Many times, causes or wars are pure in their infancy, but grow into new animals. This did not ...