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28 May

International level healthcare for Strictureplasty in India

Posted in News and Society on 28.05.15

Strictureplasty in India: Strictureplasty Surgery is commonly used to treat Crohn’s disease. Hospitals at Mumbai and Chennai ensure sophisticated medical care and a multidisciplinary team-approach involving physicians from many specialties, as this is considered the best way to obtain accurate and optimal medical treatment for Strictureplasty in India. Hospitals in India provide specialized, international-level medical and surgical care. Hospitals in India at Mumbai and Chennai offer the ...

27 May

Retirement in Puerto Vallarta--Could Politics Influence Paradise?

Posted in News and Society on 27.05.15

How would you like to have a really intelligent, honest and well educated president? How about a Harvard graduate? Well, would you believe that Mexico has a 12 consecutive year run of Harvard alumni presidents? Prior to the new millennium, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) or its predecessor revolutionary parties, had held power for over 70 years in Mexico and was a member of Socialist International. They promised to take care of and protect the poor; however after several decades in ...

26 May


Posted in News and Society on 26.05.15

THE POLITICS OF VIOLENCE By Sunny Rasheed Lucman Pacasum The recent elections gave us an indigent insight into the complex character of our People. The events have become another, among many other motivating reasons for Filipinos to live anywhere else but on this country. Their main argument is that the bleakness of the political landscape will eventually kill whatever chances we have for improving ourselves as a people. But can anyone blame us? Look at our situation. Investors are starting ...

25 May

How Effective Followership Affects Effective Leadership

Posted in News and Society on 25.05.15

Some leaders are good. Some are bad. What's the difference between the two? And what can we do to help ensure that we get more good leaders than bad leaders? This article explores the concept of great vs. truly great and considers that truly great leadership ... begins with truly great followership. Hitler was a great leader. Through his guidance, dedication and sense of what was right, he changed and influenced the lives of millions of people. So did another great leader. Jesus. Hitler and ...

24 May

International Human Rights Summit in Geneva calls for worldwide implementation of the UDHR

Posted in News and Society on 24.05.15

A spectacular flag display performed by youth delegates representing 26 countries opened the 6th Annual International Human Rights Summit in Geneva, Switzerland, home of the United Nations Office of Human Rights. Attended by human rights advocates, officials, diplomatic corps and NGOs, the three-day Summit was opened by president and founder of Youth for Human Rights International, Dr. Mary Shuttleworth, key organizer of the three-day conference, and co-organizer Mr. Adalbert Nouga of ...

23 May

The Different Styles of Inuit Sculptures

Posted in News and Society on 23.05.15

At first, all Inuit soapstone sculptures from the Arctic may look alike. However, there are variances in artistic styles among the different Inuit art producing communities. Although all communities produce Inuit sculptures featuring both animal and human subjects, some seem to do more animals while others do more people figures. Some communities make their subjects appear quite realistic with lots of high detail while in others, a more crude and primitive look is preferred. There are ...

22 May

Quest For Selfishness

Posted in News and Society on 22.05.15

Edna's ('The Awakening') quest for selfhood is, in the opinion of the majority of researchers, initially "doomed to failure". I disagree with the opinion of Edna's finding herself in death, for it is certainly the greatest tragedy of all possible, if we do not speak of Eastern philosophy where death is a catharsis and a way to reincarnation and better life. The end of the novel is, really, a failure and a crush of all hopes, and it is not a coincidence that the title can be treated both as ...

21 May

What is Freedom, Really?

Posted in News and Society on 21.05.15

What is freedom? What does it mean to truly be free? Is it possible to be truly free and still live by the mores of society? I argue that it is. There are those who will disagree with me. These people say that true freedom is a freedom from societal and personal responsibility. The common way of describing this is "being able to do whatever I want whenever I want to do it without having to take responsibility for my actions or deal with any consequences." Is this possible? Sociology tells us ...

20 May

God Bless IMAX

Posted in News and Society on 20.05.15

As a resident of the American South for 27 out of the 28 years of my life and a childhood ―Dukes of Hazzard” fan, let me start this by saying the following: I’m really sick of us Southerners making ourselves look like ass-clowns. Get it together people. For every episode of ―Boston Legal” that portrays us all as gun-toting, mustache twirling, murdering dim-wits, there’s a real life story like this one that makes us every bit as stupid as James Spader portrays us. Maybe ...

18 May

Scientology Public Affairs Director receives international award

Posted in News and Society on 18.05.15

Scientologist recognized for outstanding contribution to the culture with the Silver Chimera Award for 2009 Scientology Public Affairs Director for the Church of Scientology of Catania, Italy, Ms. Itria Leone, was awarded the 2009 Silver Chimera Award for the impact she has made on the community through her work as coordinator of the Church’s social reform programs. The 8th annual International Silver Chimera Awards ceremony was organized by dell’Arte Etrusca to raise awareness of social ...