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31 Mar

Reduce the Impact of Environmental Hazards on Your Skin

Posted in News and Society on 31.03.15

Whatever may be your thoughts about the incidence of global warming, carbon emissions and the state of the environment generally, there is no doubt that hazards, both natural and manmade exist in the environment that are injurious to good health, and poor health can lead to premature aging and to the incidence of wrinkles, around the eyes and the face. One hazard which is often disregarded except in tropical and sub tropical climates is damage to the skin caused by radiation from the sun and ...

30 Mar

Freedom of choice

Posted in News and Society on 30.03.15

WOMEN, FREEDOM OF CHOICE and CONTRACEPTION? By Diepiriye S. Kuku-Siemons In examining the issue of freedom of choice, several factors must be taken into account. An Indian woman's reproductive decisions are influenced by societal factors which include the social, political and economic context in which she lives and the gender norms that shape her life. Also to be taken into consideration is a woman's life cycle stage and other socio-demographic characteristics that govern her contraceptive ...

29 Mar

Planning it right- Spacing Revised

Posted in News and Society on 29.03.15

Spacing - The key to better health for you and your family Today's urban woman is increasingly taking charge of her own destiny. She is competent in her workplace and runs her home with efficiency. The week goes by in a whirl of activity encompassing work- both inside and outside the home- entertainment, kids and the hundred and one things necessary to keep everything running smoothly. Homemakers, too have hectic schedules, balancing the needs of her husband, children, her own needs, as well as ...

28 Mar

Show the Military Appreciation 365 Days a Year

Posted in News and Society on 28.03.15

They put their lives in harm's way everyday to protect our freedom. They show bravery in the midst of battle overseas, that we cannot even possibly imagine. And recently, they were forced to display that same bravery while facing an onslaught from one of their own, as Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire on his military brethren at Fort Hood, Texas, killing 13 and injuring another 29. As we celebrate Veterans Day 2009, the sacrifices that these brave men and women make on our behalf should ...

27 Mar

Heinous Histories collide

Posted in News and Society on 27.03.15

Heinous Histories collide: Down but not Out. By, Diepiriye S. Kuku-Siemons Thalidomide was sold in the 1950s as a sleep aid and as relief for morning sickness associated with pregnancy. Originally manufactured by Grnenthal in northwest Germany, the drug was sold in over 50 countries worldwide. Usage of the drug spread like wildfire as pregnant women finally found concerted relief from the myriad of hormonal effects on the body during pregnancy. Until 1960, it was for many a wonder drug. For ...

26 Mar

Environmental Awareness and Responsibilities

Posted in News and Society on 26.03.15

To live cordially with our environment, be it our immediate neighbors or our fellow citizens of the world, we should not only be aware of the cost of our actions. We should also be accountable for them. Our surroundings impact us in many ways: what we put on ourselves; what we eat; and the quality of our water, air and living space. The Environmental conditions have never been so harmful to our health, when there are better choices available. This century is a trying time of extraordinary ...

25 Mar

MLK Assassination Song THEY SLEW THE DREAMER by Gary Revel Free

Posted in News and Society on 25.03.15

MLK Assassination Song THEY SLEW THE DREAMER by Gary Revel Free Download — Gary Revel has made, THEY SLEW THE DREAMER, his controversial song about the conspiracy of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. available for free download now. — THEY SLEW THE DREAMER, the song written and recorded by Gary Revel in 1977 while he was investigating the King murder sparked controversy and almost slipped into oblivion. Words and Music by Gary and now deceased attorney Mary Noel, the song ...

24 Mar

Check Military Background To Find Out If Someone is in the Military

Posted in News and Society on 24.03.15

When it comes to hiring new employees, knowing that you hired the right person can be an ease to you mind and allow you to return back to normal daily work routines faster. One such way of putting your mind at ease is to have the applicant undergo a military background check. This will let you know if they in fact were in the military and if they were, where they honorably or dishonorably discharged. Not everyone is willing to be open about their military service record and in many cases people ...

23 Mar

Information Overload- Worst Than Crime News Headlines

Posted in News and Society on 23.03.15

Have a look around yourself. What do you find most excruciating? Well, that may vary but most common of them is information overload. Earlier it was difficult to find information for one particular thing. The modes were tedious and availability minimal. Now information is so much ample that it gets difficult to fine-tune our requirement. You want to look for Company News. You will end up finding companies various people are enjoying online. Situation gets funnier when looking for crime news ...

22 Mar

The Secret Of Silver Jewelry

Posted in News and Society on 22.03.15

When we talk about precious metals we usually mean gold, platinum and another pure metal, fine silver. Silver is one of the original materials of value mentioned in the Bible, together with other originals such as precious gemstones that existed from the beginning of time. This explains part of the attraction associated with these 'non-virtual' commodities - they existed for a very long time in human history, and presumably even before. Used throughout all generations and nations they have been ...